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Last Updated: October 15, 2023

Welcome to ("SANTACHATTER")!

Engaging with our platform means you are bound by these terms, so it is important to read and understand them fully.

Contents - Terms of Sale

0. Introduction
1. Conditions for Using Content, SANTACHATTER Mobile Apps, and Products
2. Purchase Guidelines for Content and SANTACHATTER Merchandise
3. Purchasing Guidelines for Third-Party Software Outlets
4. Confirming Purchases, Accessibility, and Content Restrictions
5. Setting Up Your Devices for Content
6. Return and Refund Policy
7. Licensing & Intellectual Property
8. Limited Warranty
9. Liability Limitations
10. Other Important Terms
11. Contact Information

0. Introduction

These are the Terms of Sale for SANTACHATTER, a product and service offering by Inc. ("EMAILSANTA"), a Canadian corporation.

0.1 Scope:

The following are governed by these Terms of Sale:
- Your interaction with our digital Content and the SANTACHATTER Mobile Apps.
- Purchasing any SANTACHATTER Products.
- Creating personalized digital content, including chats, videos and calls, via SANTACHATTER Services.

0.2 Definitions:

- SANTACHATTER Services: Encompasses all digital services provided on SANTACHATTER Sites and Mobile Apps, including but not limited to, your Submissions and the Content you create.
- Personal Use: This means you are using the SANTACHATTER Services to produce content purely for yourself. You are the sole creator, submitter, and sharer of this content, and all sharing is in compliance with our terms.

0.3 Other Relevant Terms:

Your engagement with our websites and apps is also under the purview of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Click on the links to review them.

0.4 Consent & Acceptance:

By purchasing, downloading, or using any of our Content, Mobile Apps, or Products, you acknowledge and accept these Terms of Sale. If you do not agree, we respectfully ask that you do not engage with our platform or offerings.

0.5 Special Notice for Non-U.S. Residents:

If you are accessing our services from outside the U.S., you consent to the processing of your information as described in our Privacy Policy. Ensure you are familiar with this, as it is crucial to understand how your data is managed.

1. Conditions for Using Content, SANTACHATTER Mobile Apps, and Products

You must be at least 14 years old to engage with SANTACHATTER Sites, Services, or share personal details. Additionally, if you wish to purchase, download, or use our Content or Mobile Apps, you need to be 14 or above.

To benefit from our offerings, set up an account, either directly or through third-party platforms. Upon account creation, you commit to abiding by our Terms of Use. Ensure you are aligned with all our terms, directives, and any updates provided on the SANTACHATTER platform or through communications.

2. Purchase Guidelines for Content and SANTACHATTER Merchandise

2.1 For Content and Services:

All costs will be evident during the transaction. For complimentary versions, there is no fee. Purchases made directly from our website, barring Software Stores, will be processed through our external payment handler. Be informed that once you acquire Content, the sale becomes irrevocable and is non-refundable. The transaction currency is determined by your IP for website-based purchases and by your Software Store registration for Mobile Apps. EMAILSANTA retains the right to probe and rectify any suspicious or unauthorized account behavior.

2.2 For SANTACHATTER Merchandise:

We may occasionally roll out tangible items like books, toys, etc., for sale. Once dispatched, the ownership transitions to you. All sales are conclusive unless done via third-party platforms, where their specific conditions apply.

3. Purchasing Guidelines for Third-Party Software Outlets

Purchasing SANTACHATTER Mobile Apps from third-party distributors (e.g., Apple App Store, Google Play) subjects you to their set conditions and associated user agreements. If there is a discrepancy between our Terms of Sale or Terms of Use and theirs, our terms generally hold precedence, except where legally not permitted.

4. Confirming Purchases, Accessibility, and Content Restrictions

Upon completing a transaction on our platform, we will dispatch a confirmation email, granting you access to the acquired content through your account. Ensure your devices are attuned for a seamless experience.

4.1 Regarding SANTACHATTER Mobile Apps:

The aforementioned terms are applicable. Please note, some services might have regional restrictions.

5. Setting Up Your Devices for Content

Ensure your devices and software are tailored for content compatibility. Our services are designed to work on modern browsers.

6. Return and Refund Policy

6.1 For SANTACHATTER Site Purchases:

- If unsatisfied with our Content, request a refund within 10 days of purchase at this Refund Request Link.
- Stop using, return (if applicable), and confirm the deletion of the Content.
- Share feedback on our products/services.
- Refunds may be denied if our policy is not followed, there is a breach of sale terms, or if we suspect abuse.
- Refunds are issued to the original payment method.We cannot refund directly to you.
- Refund timings and deductions depend on the payment processor's terms.
- This policy is your only remedy for any dissatisfaction with our services.

6.2 For SANTACHATTER Mobile Apps:

For sales via third-party Software Stores, refer to their respective terms.

6.3 Policy Updates:

We may revise this policy. Updates will be communicated.

7. Licensing & Intellectual Property

7.1 License Details:

After payment, EMAILSANTA grants a limited, non-transferable, revocable license to use the purchased Content for personal use. EMAILSANTA retains all intellectual property rights.

7.2 Intellectual Property:

All rights to the SANTACHATTER Sites, Services, and Content belong to EMAILSANTA and its licensors.

7.3 Usage Restrictions:

Content may not be modified, redistributed, or used beyond what is allowed. Reverse engineering or creating derivative works from our services is prohibited.

8. Limited Warranty

8.1 Warranty:

EMAILSANTA assures the rights to grant the license for the Content and Mobile Apps. For any breach, your sole remedy is a refund for the breached item.

8.2 Disclaimer:

EMAILSANTA does not guarantee compatibility or uninterrupted service. We are not liable for device issues or data loss. Always backup your data. No other warranties, explicit or implied, are provided.

9. Liability Limitations

For details on liability and exclusions, refer to the Terms of Use.

10. Other Important Terms

a. Non-Compliance Consequences: License may be terminated if you breach these terms.
b. Taxes: Prices exclude taxes. You are responsible for applicable taxes. For Mobile App taxes, the Software Store's terms apply.
c. Rights Enforcement: Our occasional non-enforcement does not waive our rights.
d. Indemnification: You agree to defend and indemnify EMAILSANTA against claims arising from breaches, violations, disputes, or your use of our services.
e. Governing Law: Alberta, Canada laws apply.
f. Dispute Resolution: Arbitration as detailed in the Terms of Use.
g. Updates: We may change these terms. Registered users will be notified. If disagreeing with updates, stop using our services and delete your account.

11. Contact Information

For questions, concerns, or clarifications about these Terms of Sale, you can reach us at: Inc.
15 Royal Oak View NW
Calgary, Canada T3G 5L6
Phone: 4oh3-999-7817
Email: [email protected]