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Chat with Santa Claus!

Talk with Santa Claus live from the North Pole in 2024!

It's free to chat online with Santa Claus anytime you want, for as long as you want! No schedules or appointment needed.
And did we mention it's Free?!

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Chat with Santa: Tips and FAQs from the Grumpy Elf

Sometimes Santa gives strange answers. What's up with that?

The elves are fine-tuning the Santa AI chatbot technology to help Santa. Most times, Santa answers your questions. Sometimes, Clumsy the Elf answers your questions. Clumsy sometimes gives really silly or strange answers to your questions. And sometimes, Santa's computer (Hiccup) answers your questions. Santa's computer gets the hiccups from time to time.😁

Why does Santa sometimes repeat his answers?

If you ask the same question, then Hiccup (Santa's computer) just answers for Santa (or Clumsy) using the same answer as before.

Can I ask Santa 'what is my name' or other personal information about me or others?

Yes, you can ask him those questions. And he does know the answers. But, he's not going to put any personal information about you or anyone else on the Internet. Internet safety is very important to Santa.

Why are there links to other websites here? and are part of the family of webpages.

Can I chat with Santa about anything?

Yes, but because Santa is so busy, it's best if you only talk to him about Christmassy things.

Can I tell Santa what I want for Christmas when I chat with him?

Yes, you can. But, it's best if you send your wish lists here. That way the elves can start working on them right away.

Can I talk to Santa online?

Santa stamp Jumping Jingle Bells! Santa would love to talk to you online! Santa is waiting to talk to you online right now. Clumsy the Elf created a fun way for talking to Santa for free anytime you want!
You can chat online with Santa Claus any time you want for free.  Just go to this page and start chatting with Santa Claus right now!  No personal information required.  Santa will reply fast as red-nosed reindeer fly!

How do you get a conversation with Santa?

You can have a conversation with Santa Claus here. Santa's waiting to talk with you right now.

Can I chat with Santa for free?

Santa with reindeer Of course it's free to chat online with Santa. Santa loves to chat with all the good 👦 boys and 👧 girls of the World after all. It makes him happier than a partridge in a pear tree! You can chat with him for free right here on this page.

Is there Santa live chat?

Yes, you can chat live with Santa Claus here. He's waiting to talk with you right now from the North Pole. It's safe and free!

How can I text Santa for free?

Santa loves to text and chat! So, yes, you can get text from Santa free on his SantaChatter. You can even get free texts from Santa on Christmas Eve when you talk to Santa right here!

Step into a Christmas world of wonder and festive cheer. Whether you're young or just young at heart, a talk and chat with Santa Claus is sure to leave you with a sprinkle of North Pole magic. Don't wait, start your chatting fun now and make talking with Santa's wife part of your Holiday fun!

Talk with Santa Claus Live!

New! SantaChatter is now available on the Google Play Store!
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The elves are busy building this amazing Chat with Santa feature so you can talk to Santa Claus any time you want (for free!).
Right now, sometimes Santa answers your questions, sometimes Clumsy the Elf answers your questions* and sometimes Santa's AI chatbot computer (Hiccup) answers your questions.
The Santa chat will only improve, so please come back often to chat.

* Clumsy the Elf sometimes gives really silly or strange answers to your questions -- but hey, that's Clumsy! He's just trying to help Santa.


"I couldn't believe it! Chatting with Mrs. Claus was like diving straight into my favorite Christmas storybook. My kids were over the moon!"
- Jessica M.
"Mrs. Claus is the best! I could talk to Mrs. Claus in this friends chatroom all day!"
- Clumsy the Elf