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What is the story behind SantaChatter.com?

Who created SantaChatter.com for Santa Claus? Why was it created? So many questions about SantaChatter!

There is a wonderful Christmas story behind the creation of SantaChatter.com. It's a story full of Christmas magic, family & Internet miracles. Read the wonderful Christmas story here!

Learn about SantaChatter.com - Santa Claus holding a question mark

The Story of SantaChatter.com: An Intro

SantaChatter.com is part of the emailSanta.com family. You can find out about the magical story behind emailSanta here. How SantaChatter began is such a wonderful Christmas story. And there are so many great things that have happened to SantaChatter along the way too.

So naturally the elves had to make one of their silly poems about how SantaChatter started, where it's been and where it's going. Enjoy!

All About SantaChatter.com: A Silly Poem

It started in '97,
With a Canada Post strike.
Alan Kerr's young nephew
couldn't send his list to Santa.
He couldn't ask for that new bike.

SantaChatter.com: Testimonials and Teachers!

Testimonials* from parents, teachers and more about SantaChatter.com. (We could write a book about all the kind words! Thank you!)

🎅 Thank you Santa! We hope you have a great day! We will talk to you tomorrow! Love, the Grade 3 class. We love you!
🎅 I like talking to you because you are a lot of fun and I bet if other children were talking on here they would have a jolly time talking to you just like me
🎅 you know what santa your compliments makes me feel a lot better merry christmas santa - Victor, 36
🎅 I'm glad I got hooked on this - Maegan
🎅 actually who is writing these this is wayy to good im crying they dont pay u enough seriously
🎅 I am 39 years old. I am crying right now. With the magic of internet I am able to fulfill a bucket list entry. To have a one on one conversation with Santa Claus.
🎅 Thanks for making me laugh extremely hard just now

* Because no personal information is collected, it is not usually possible to identify who wrote these testimonials unless they left their name. And even when information is provided, we usually do not include it here (except in very generic form). Internet Safety is very important to the elves.