Face Talk with Santa live from the North Pole

Surprise! The elves are giving away some free Video Chats with Santa! 

Some of our latest winners are: Jordanne R. and Nojmul197* 🥇 Congrats!
That ends the contest for this year. Thank you to the hundreds of people who entered!
But remember you can still video chat with Santa right here or text Santa for free here .

And Christmas Eve, come back for a very special live chat with Santa from his sleigh on the emailSanta Tracker !

The North Pole magic right to your screens

Make this holiday season magical with a real-time chat experience for your child.

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Meet Santas from Around the Santa-verse!

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Connect with Santas of different ethnicities and let the festive stories from around the world light up your child's eyes!

Santa's Magic Mailbag: Hear from Happy Little Elves!*

Children (and kids at heart) around the world have shared their joyous tales of magical chats with Santa. Let their gleaming words inspire you to embark on your own festive journey with SantaChatter!

* Because no personal information is collected, it is not usually possible to identify who wrote these testimonials unless they left their name. And even when information is provided, we usually do not include it here (except in very generic form). Internet Safety is very important to the elves.


Bringing Christmas Magic to the Classroom

Engage Young Minds with a "Chat with Santa", a "message to Mrs. Claus", a giggle with "Clumsy the Elf (Santa's silly rhyming elf)" or even a "rap with Santa's reindeer".


How It Works

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Yes, the chat is real-time.

Our platform uses advanced AI to ensure all conversations are child-friendly and safe.

Yes, chat monitoring options are available.

Safety First: A North Pole Promise!

At SantaChatter, your child's safety is our top priority. We've crafted our platform with the utmost care, ensuring a secure environment for every magical interaction. Our advanced safety protocols and AI monitoring ensure that all conversations remain friendly and joyous. Rest easy knowing that while they're chatting with Santa, they're in the safest hands next to yours.