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Mission Statement:

SantaChatter.com is committed to spreading holiday cheer and magical moments by connecting children and families around the world with Santa Claus through innovative, interactive virtual experiences.
We are dedicated to diversity and inclusivity, ensuring that every child feels represented and valued in their interactions with Santa. Our platform prioritizes the safety of children, not only by offering a secure virtual environment but also by guiding those in dire circumstances towards essential resources like Police and Children's Aid.
Moreover, SantaChatter.com is an advocate for teaching children about Internet Safety, promoting responsible and secure online practices.

Company Overview:

The origins of SantaChatter.com go back to 1997 when emailSanta.com helped children who couldn't send their Christmas wishes to Santa due to a postal strike. Founded in 2021, SantaChatter.com has been at the forefront of delivering personalized and memorable Santa experiences using innovative AI technology. Our platform allows users to select from a racially diverse group of Santa and engage in live, real-time video chats, ensuring a safe, unique and enchanting experience for every child.

Media Contact

Santa's Head Elf
Alan Kerr M.A., B.A.(Hons.), B.A.
15 Royal Oak View N.W.
Calgary, Canada T3G 5L6
ph: (four oh three) 999-7817 --> THIS IS NOT SANTA'S, SORRY!
Email: [email protected]
Please contact to schedule Skype or FaceTime interviews.

SantaChatter.com Services

Video Chat with Santa:
Our flagship service enables families to book a live video chat with Santa Claus. These sessions are priced at $2 per minute, allowing families to choose the duration that fits their needs.
Text Santa for Free:
We also offer a free text service where children can interact with Santa Claus, receive photos, and engage in festive conversations.
Special Features:
🎅 Personalized Nice Certificates from Santa's elves
🎅 Flexible booking options with no long-term commitments
🎅 Safe and secure platform for children and families

Recent Milestones

1997: Launch of emailSanta.com, the parent of SantaChatter.com
2021: Launch of SantaChatter.com (using Microsoft Cognitive Services AI technology)
2021: Introduced free text service with Santa
2023: SantaChatter.com switches to ChatGPT technology and introduces world's first AI video chat with racially diverse Santa
2023: TalkTimeFriends.com goes online expanding services to include virtual visits with Mrs. Claus, elves and Santa's reindeer

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