What is the cost of a virtual talk with Santa?

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How much does it cost for FaceTime Talking with Santa Online?

With SantaChatter.com, you are in control of the cost of your chat with Santa Claus!
This is because you choose exactly how long your virtual visit with jolly Saint Nick will last.
Video Santa calls are priced on a per minute basis. Currently the price is US$2 per minute.
Sadly, because of the way we are charged for access to the "Santy-verse" we cannot offer a discount for longer chats.
As a special surprise for the wee ones, the elves will send a personalized Nice Certificate at the end of the online chat with Santa.

In case you were wondering, the average length of a visit with Santa at a mall is 2-3 minutes (excluding time taking photos).
Typically, virtual online visits with Saint Nick have a fixed time of 10 to 20 minutes, but may be longer.
The cost of other online "talk with Santa" services can range up to $750, depending on various factors like the duration of the call, the time of the booking (peak vs. off-peak), and the inclusivity of the package.

Are there discounts or coupons available to talk to Santa?

From time to time the elves at SantaChatter.com may offer discounts for talking to Santa. After all, we want to make Santa accessible to as many children as possible.
Discounts will be posted here and during the check-out process.

Check back often - you never know when the elves will sprinkle some festive deals your way! 🎅

Is it cheaper to talk to Santa at different times of the year?

The elves may have to increase prices as Christmas approaches. So, the sooner you talk to Santa the better!
Besides, the sooner you talk to Santa, the more time it gives the elves to work on present making! 😉

Can I talk to Santa for free?

Yes! The elves want to make Santa accessible to as many children as possible. You can text Santa for free here and text Santa for up to two hours per visit. You will not be able to see Santa, but he will be able to send you photos and hyperlinks.
You can even message Mrs. Claus, give a shout out to your Shelf Elf, rap with one of Santa's reindeer and chat with other Christmas friends! These are all safe, fun and free ways to get into the Christmas spirit!

Ready to create magical holiday memories?

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