How to Prepare Your Child To Meet Santa


Preparing your child for a virtual meeting with Santa is an important step to ensure that the experience is both enjoyable and memorable. Here's a more detailed guide on how to prepare your child for this special occasion:

Before the Meeting

Explain the Concept:

Depending on your child's age, explain what a virtual meeting is. Let them know that they will be talking to Santa through a computer, tablet, or phone screen. Reassure them that Santa can hear and see them, just like in a face-to-face meeting.

Build Excitement:

Talk about the meeting with Santa in the days leading up to it to build excitement. Discuss what Santa might look like and what they might want to say to him.

Prepare Questions or Topics:

Help your child think of questions they might want to ask Santa, such as inquiries about the North Pole, reindeer, or elves. They might also want to tell Santa about their accomplishments or good deeds they've done throughout the year.

Practice the Conversation:

Do a mock run-through of the conversation with your child to help them feel more comfortable. Practice greetings and saying goodbye, as well as how to articulate their thoughts and wishes.

Technical Preparation

Test Your Equipment:

Make sure your microphone and speakers are working properly. Check your internet connection to ensure it's stable.

Familiarize with the Platform:

If using a new device, familiarize yourself with it beforehand. Do a test run to understand how to join the call and use any features like mute or video off.

On the Day of the Meeting

Create a Festive Atmosphere:

Decorate the area where your child will be sitting for the call. This could include Christmas decorations, lights, or even a small Christmas tree in the background. Consider having your child dress up in festive clothing or a favorite outfit for the occasion.

Ensure Comfort and Focus:

Choose a quiet, comfortable spot for the call where your child won't be distracted. Have your child use the restroom and finish any snacks or drinks before the call to minimize interruptions.


Discuss the Experience:

After the call, talk to your child about their experience. Encourage them to express how they felt and what they enjoyed the most.

Capture the Memory:

If possible, take a screenshot or a photo of your child during their call with Santa as a keepsake. Consider creating a small scrapbook or memory box where you can keep these photos along with any drawings or letters they might have made for Santa.

Wrapping it all up!

By following these steps, you can help make your child's virtual meeting with Santa a smooth, enjoyable, and unforgettable experience. This preparation not only ensures that technical aspects are covered but also helps your child feel comfortable and excited about the special event.